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Urban Connection

Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018) from Serbia will implement the project “Urban Connection” within Creative Europe for the Strand: European Cooperation Projects in cooperation with Beyond Borders ETS – Italy, Teatro Metaphora – Portugal, Perspektiva – Albania, Art Republic Prague – Czech Republic and Szolnoki Break Tánc és Extrém Sportegyesüle – Hungary. Project proposal engages both young and already recognized hip hop artists in the WB and EU and strengthen the cultural cooperation between 6 countries by creating joint cultural platform.

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JUSE Goes Balkan

Youth Center “Perspektiva” and SAJV are implementing in Albania the project “JUSE Goes Balkan” which aims at sharing best practices in regards to youth in decision making, through involvement in youth councils, between Albania and Switzerland.

Call for application can be found here

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Be My Voice: Say NO to Discrimination

Youth Center Perspektiva  is implementing  the project “Be my voice: Say No To Discrimination”,which started in October 2021 and will finish in March 2022.

Discrimination is a problem that today’s societies continue to suffer, including Albania. Discrimination it is not always visible or on the surface, sometimes its hidden; hidden behind a screen, or walls, or governing systems, etc but the consequences are obvious, such as: expulsion from the group, school dropout, self-closure or psychological traumas, violence may it be physical or psychological, etc.

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We Make Democracy!

Project on youth participation, inclusion and active citizenship

May 2021 – December 2022

Description of the project

“We Make Democracy!” provides youth and their organizations with relevant tools and trainings to manage diversity, to encourage active citizenship and to enhance inclusion facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges between youth and youth organizations from Switzerland and from Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia).

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Be My Voice: Human Rights in COVID-19 era 

Youth Center ‘’Perspektiva’’ has officially started the newest project “Be My Voice: Human Rights in COVID-19 era”. The call for applications can be found here

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, youth were more than ever the “digital natives” with all communication, studies, and often employment having moved online. The pandemic has sharply emphasized the positive and negative extremes of online communication: while opening the world of opportunities as an escape from the lockdown, it also exposed youth to loads of unverified and often harmful media products.

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UNITED Conference – “Power of Coexistence: Turn it on!”

Between 15-20 May 2019, UNITED for Intercultural Action, Youth Centre Perspektiva and Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare held a conference entitled “Power of Coexistence: Turn it on! Bridge, Cooperate, Overcome” in Durrës, Albania.

The conference focused on coexistence, not only as a general value of understanding and peaceful living within a community, but also as a practical strategy that can help overcoming the current challenges faced in Europe and beyond.

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“Hate Fighters in Action”

From 03 of March until 10th of March volunteers from Youth Center ‘’Perspektiva’’ attended the first training of “Hate Fighters in Action” project which was organized in Nis, Serbia.

“Hate Fighters in Action” is a project which is supported by Erasmus + program, Capacity Building in The Field of Youth Action. Hate Fighters Network will organize set of activities for young people in Partner countries with the aim to strengthen the role of young people in peace-building activities and combat against Hate Speech throw artistic ways (Video, Music, Photography, and Graphic Design).

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“Virtual Action for Human Rights”

On February 5th- 11th 2019 volunteers representing Youth Center “Perspektiva” attended the Erasmus + training course  “Virtual Action for Human Rights Education” which was held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Throughout the training course participants developed their skills in identifying hate speech online and offline. Furthermore the project encourages participants in becoming online activists for human rights. 

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Feel Us-Hate Speech against refugees part II

There are stories of people who had to pass through many difficult situations in order simply to live. Read them slowly, imagine their stories… and then think, Are they different from locals?

Regularly in media you can see examples of Hate Speech to refugees, people, who only try to survive. Media makes people think, believe and be against ‘strangers’. Many intolerant phrases, prejudice, myths, forming of aggressive attitude to them,- turn the harmonic world to another side.

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Feel Us-Hate Speech against refugees

Feel Us is a blog to fight against hate speech against refugees. The blog is output of Vaccine against Hate Speech on Media project coordinated by  Youth Center “Perspektiva” and supported by Council of Europe , with the financial support of European Youth Foundation. The project derives from the need to combat and prevent hate speech on media.

In our blog we would like to raise awareness about hate speech targeting refugees on media,social media,blogs etc. We would like to share with you some stories of refugees, in order to show you a view from the other side, a view from what being a refugee means.

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Training Course for Young Journalists and Bloggers “Vaccine against hate speech on media”

On 15th – 23rd June 2018, Youth Center “Perspektiva” organized training course of young journalists and bloggers “Vaccine against hate speech on media”  in Durres, Albania. The activity gather 25  students of journalism, young bloggers and community activists from Albania, , Kosovo (1244), Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and the EU, who were interested to develop themselves in the area of creation of counter narratives to social stigmas and prejudices, acquire professional experience of media coverage in work with vulnerable groups and contribute to creation of positive narratives of intercultural youth communication at the national and regional levels.(Read more)

“One Step Together: Increasing Resilience of Young People to Radicalization in the areas of Dibёr, Elbasan and Kukës

Duke ndjekur synimet e programit “Shoqëria Civile kundër Ekstremizmit të Dhunshëm”, ne duam të fokusohemi në rritjen e njohurive të të rinjve dhe aftësinë e tyre për të përballuar propagandën dhe mendimin e radikalizuar në zonat e Dibrës, Elbasanit dhe Kukësit. Përmes disa viteve të punës së Qendrës Rinore “Perspektiva” me lëvizjet e të rinjve në nivel kombëtar, shohim se fuqizimi i bashkëmoshatarëve në të gjithë linjat rurale-urbane është një mjet shumë i fuqishëm që u jep të rinjve një ndjenjë përkatësise në një komunitet më të madh dhe i motivon ata të veprojnë si kontribues në zgjidhjen e problemeve që shfaqen në komunitetet e tyre. Këta faktorë janë vendimtarë për ndërtimin e kapaciteteve të të rinjve për t’u përballur me padrejtësitë dhe ankesat, përballimin e propagandës dhe presionin e bashkëmoshatarëve, dhe luftën për idealet në mënyrë jo të dhunshme dhe konstruktive.

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TRAINING COURSE “Taking actions through counter and alternative narratives – HATE SPEECH IS NOT AN OPTION!”

The Training Course “Taking actions through counter and alternative narratives – HATE SPEECH IS NOT AN OPTION!” was implemented and realized in Daruvar, Croatia from the 2nd till the 9th of February 2018.Youth Center “Perspektiva” was partner in this project.

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On 22 July 2017 in Tirana, Youth Center “PERSPEKTIVA”, in partnership with NGOs “Beyond Barriers”, “PVN Albania”, “FASH” (Fondacioni Arsimor Shqiptar) and cooperation with Olen Dashi, organized the workshop “Do Not Let Hate Blur Us Out!” (Albanian: “Mos e lejoni urrejtjen tё na zhdukё!”) to mark the European Day of Victims of Hate Crime.

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On the occasion of the International Human Rights Day on 10th December, Youth Center “Perspektiva” in partnership with NGO “Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare” (PVN Albania) and NGO “LiburnEtik” organized a Human Library event under the motto “One of Us”. You may ask – what is Human Library? It functions like a normal library – with books and readers. Well, almost. You choose a Book from a catalogue. With one exception. Each Book is a real person with a real story to share.

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On 19-23 September in Tirana, Youth Center “Perspektiva” hosted an international training seminar of the Council of Europe “Countering Hate Speech through Human Rights Education and Narratives”.

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On 12-14th February 2016, first Balkan Club conference gathered together 40 participants from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia and Switzerland, representing more than 30 youth civil society organizations in order to shape informal youth network to exchange information, experiences, develop joint projects in the region and strengthen youth voices.

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Vaqarr, Albania on 19th-23rd September 2015 | Deadline for sumbission of the application 4th August 2015

Swiss National Youth Council together with the Youth Center “Perspektiva” are organizing 3rd East Project’s Regional Exchange Meeting “Youth Transforming Conflict Online & Offline” in Vaqarr, Albania on 19-23 September 2015. The project will gather 24 participants from all countries of the Western Balkans and Moldova. All costs are covered by the National Youth Council of Switzerland. 

More information and application form

image - flyer regional meeting

National Training Course  of the No Hate Speech Movement Albania “Power of Words” in snapshots #WeDidIt


On 12 July, we have finalized the first residential capacity-building training course of the No Hate Speech Movement Albania “Power of words” that was implemented by the team of the Youth Center “Perspektiva” and NGO “Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare” with the financial support of the Council of Europe and institutional – from the Albanian Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. A group of young people from Albania and Kosovo gathered for a week in Durres to learn about the scope and forms of hate speech online and offline in Albania and Kosovo, explore the target groups and possible counter-arguments and, in the end, how to change the situation for better through youth activism and community work.

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Durres, Albania on 6th – 12th July 2015 | Deadline for submission of the Online Application form: 15 June 2015

“Lёvizja Kundёr Urrejtjes” or the No Hate Speech Movement Albania is the Albanian branch of the No Hate Speech Movement – youth campaign against hate speech online and for human rights online, that was launched by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe in 2013. Albania joined the Campaign in 2014: since that time in Albania were organized several trainings for young activists, various community actions and the collection of materials in Albanian and English language.

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Youth Week with No Hate Speech Movement Albania

On 23-27 March 2015 Albanian Ministry of Youth and Social Welfare organized “Java e Rinise” – “Youth Week” in Qyteti Studenti in Tirana. Youth Center “Perspektiva” joined the event with the presentation of the No Hate Speech Movement Albania.

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Young leaders talking about diplomacy, hate speech and freedom of expression at the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


On Monday, 9th March 2015 Center of Excellence of the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with No Hate Speech Movement Albania & Youth Center “Perspektiva” organized Auditorium on diplomacy and importance of combating hate speech online and offline. 

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Call for essays by the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and No Hate Speech Movement Albania

For 20 years Anniversary of the Council of Europe presence in Albania the Center of Excellence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministria e Punëve të Jashtme – Republika e Shqipërisë in Tirana together with No Hate Speech Albania and Perspektiva are organizing the activity “Hate speech online and offline and its link to diplomacy in the Balkans” on 9 March. Call for articles is open until 06 March 2015, please submit the article to


Together Against Floods: Humanitarian Aid Delivery to the Flooded Villages around Fieri

In February 2015 many villages were flooded in the Southern part of Albania, due to heavy rains. Since the first week of February several villages were evacuated and the state, private sector and civil society organized humanitarian aid delivery to the most damaged areas.

Youth Center “Perspektiva” together with an NGO Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare (PVN Albania) and Russian community in Albania “Bota Ruse ne Shqiperi” organized humanitarian aid gathering which included collection of food, clothes and basic hygienic items. During the whole week, our Team was receiving calls from people, most of whom we have never met before – they all were willing to provide their contributions and express their solidarity. In Albania these days many organizations got involved in the gathering of the humanitarian aid – and it was amazing for us to see how much people can achieve, when they are united by a good idea…

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Our direct help delivery to the zone of floods will be organized on 14 February

These days together with PVN Albania we finalize gathering of help for people, suffering from floods in the South of Albania and on Saturday we will organize direct delivery to the flooded area around Vieri. Villages around Vieri are currently under water and the state did send help there yet.

If you want to join the delivery caravan, please contact us at by 12:00 CET 13 February.

Once again, warm thanks to everybody, who contributed! 


Gathering of clothes and basic supplies for victims of floods in the South of Albania (06-09 February 2015)

Currently the territories around Fier, Vlora, Tepelena and surroundings are under floods due to heavy rains. Albania has declared a state of emergency over the floods. Youth Center Perspektiva and NGO Projekte Vullnetare Nderkombetare are organizing gathering of clothes and basic supplies for the victims of floods in the South of Albania. We organize the collection in Durres until Sunday 08 February and in Tirana until 09 February and later the things will be delivered to the area of floods by the Albanian Agency of Social Protection (Agjencia per Mbeshtetjen e Shoqerise Civile) with the support of our volunteers. 

Things of special importance: warm clothes, blankets, children clothes, canned food, hygienic items

If you want to contribute, please, contact us at and/or on +355(67)3882614.


ERASMUS+ Training for Youth from Albania, Belgium, Portugal and Lithuania (26 January – 2 February)

In the last week of January “Perspektiva” & “No Hate Speech Movement Albania” became a part of Erasmus+ international training “Charlie’s Angels in Action” that brought to Tirana youngsters from Portugal, Belgium and Lithuania – and they were warmly hosted by the Albanian team. A week of cultural discoveries, learning together about human rights and about each other – and having lots of fun in such an international Team. The training course was organized in a way that every participating country – Albania, Belgium, Lithuania and Portugal – took care about one part of the working day and brought some insights from the local situation with human rights and youth involvement, shared national games and stories.

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