Feel US – Hate Speech Against Refugees

Feel Us is a blog to fight against hate speech against refugees. The blog is output of Vaccine against Hate Speech on Media project coordinated by  Youth Center “Perspektiva” and supported by Council of Europe , with the financial support of European Youth Foundation. The project derives from the need to combat and prevent hate speech on media.

This blog does not represent the views of the NGO, partners, supporters of the project, donors, or the authors. All materials that contain hate speech, which we will show were taken from online sources and they were reported as hate speech on the Hate Speech Watch, of the No Hate Speech Movement

In our blog we would like to raise awareness about hate speech targeting refugees on media,social media,blogs etc. We would like to share with you some stories of refugees, in order to show you a view from the other side, a view from what being a refugee means.

Here is some example of hate speech on media against refugees


Discriminatory discourse incites hatred and enmity against Syrian refugees.

#ForANewDiscourse free from discrimination, racism and violence,


The video made within the scope of Media Watch on Hate Speech project includes a selection of the items that incites discrimination and hatred against Syrian refugees.

In the print media, Syrian refugees are

  • identified with security concerns and ‘terrorism’;
  • accused of being ungrateful;
  • presented as responsible for economic problems;
  • marginalized with ‘us’ vs ‘them’ dichotomy;
  • presented as a threat against health;
  • Syrian women are subjected to double discrimination.

source : https://hrantdink.org/en/asulis-en/activities/projects/media-watch-on-hate-speech/943-the-video-about-hate-speech-against-syrian-refugees-in-print-media-is-released