Youth Center Perspektiva  is implementing  the project “Be my voice: Say No To Discrimination”,which started in October 2021 and will finish in March 2022.

Discrimination is a problem that today’s societies continue to suffer, including Albania. Discrimination it is not always visible or on the surface, sometimes its hidden; hidden behind a screen, or walls, or governing systems,etc, but the consequences are obvious, such as: expulsion from the group, school dropout, self-closure or psychological traumas, violence may it be physical or psychological, etc.

In 2011, the Commissioner for Protection from Discrimination conducted a study in several schools in several cities: Shkodra, Tirana, Durres, Fier and Kukes (Albania). According to the results produced by the study, t that the most discriminated group were Roma people and Egyptian people.

This is why Youth Center Perspektiva decided to develop a project on combating and preventing discrimination, stereotypes and hate speech targeting Roma and Egyptian people, as well as vulnerable and marginalized groups. This project was seen as an opportunity to create bridges between the above groups and young people in Albania.

The project aims at raising awareness of young people in Albania, with a special focus on Roma and Egyptian youth, in countering and preventing discrimination, stigmatization and hate speech especially the one targeting minorities, marginalized and vulnerable groups.

Through non-formal education methods, the project targets young people from diverse communities and backgrounds in Albania, especially those coming from marginalized and vulnerable groups, in order to raise awareness and create a bridge for the youth coming from marginalized and vulnerable communities. A special focus will be given to combating anti-Roma and hate speech targeting the Roma and Gypsy community in Albania.

The project includes several activities such as, the first activity was the training “Say No to Discrimination”, which was held in Durres, from 22-26 November. The training was attended by 30 people from different communities, aged 15-30 years old.  The training was in non-formal education format and included interactive methods with informative sessions, a lot of exercises and comprehensive inclusive games. The activities included creative, innovative and artistic works, where the participants also had the opportunity to create activities through their talents.

This project continues with follow ups from the participants that were in the training but not only. 

Follow up activities that will be implemented are:

  • Community Action on International Human Rights Day
  • Community Action on Safer Internet Day
  • Community Action on Open topic chosen by participants
  •  Production of Counter Narratives
  • 4 Workshops with young people

At this stage, we aim to bring together young people from different backgrounds and empower them to develop creative community action aimed at promoting a human rights-based approach and the fight against discrimination.

This project is funded by European Youth Foundation through the Council of Europe

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