ARTivism for Human Rights


Artistic activities for youth empowerment and human rights are one of the key methodologies of our Youth Center “Perspektiva”. Art is a unique space of self-expression that does not know the limits of language and borders and is equally available to all ages. Many international organizations recognize artistic activities as a great tool to engage children and youth in sharing their thoughts, values and views. Not at once our Team Members had a chance to see, how easy to organize and how efficient are artistic activities – especially when working with youth on the topics of intercultural dialogue and combating violence. 

ARTivism for Human Rights has also a great potential to provide positive impact in the community – we all know the brilliant example of the Berlin Wall Graffity when artists from all around the world shared their dreams and ideas in bright colors on the former symbol of the Cold War. 

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Our Methodology

In our activities we follow the UNICEF methodology of human rights education through art. We are also in the process of constant learning from the best practices from the artistic projects for youth empowerment and human rights – and we do our best to implement them in our activities.

Here you can find some of the methodological materials that we use in our work:

Teaching Children’s Rights Through Arts (UNICEF)

Learning Activities About the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Amnesty International)

Bookmarks on Combating Hate Speech Online Through Human Rights Education (Youth Department of the Council of Europe)

Our Projects

Urban Connection